UGA Living Wage

UGA living Wage

The University of Georgia Living Wage campaign began in 2006 when a group of students and faculty got together to voice their support for a proposal submitted to the University Council urging UGA administrators to adopt a living wage for UGA employees. The University Council unanimously approved the proposal, and some success has been seen. Today, UGA’s minimum hiring rate is $23,000 per year (up from $12,000 per year), although many low-wage food service workers are still classified as temporary and earn much less.

It remains up to UGA administrators. With a new president at UGA, we hope the university will now take action and enact a real living wage for all UGA employees.

For five years, the UGA Living Wage Campaign has been working to urge the University’s administration to help their employees gain financial sustainability by raising awareness in the UGA community.

The UGA Living Wage campaign is also affiliated with Georgia Students for Public Higher Education, where they seek to urge the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the Georgia General Assembly to:

• Support workers on college campuses who need a living wage with benefits.
• Provide sufficient funding for Hope scholarships.
• End the ban on undocumented students from attending the top 5 universities in Georgia.