Worker Cooperatives

Worker Cooperatives are businesses are owned by the workers themselves.  Each worker owns a share in the business and thus is part-owner and entitled to make important decisions about how the company is run, such as setting wages and benefits.  This type of business model is a great way for workers to get organized and empowered to exert their rights.

The Economic Justice Coalition supports worker cooperatives as an alternative to top-down capitalism and as a way for workers to build living wage jobs for themselves.

Peachy Green Cleaning Co-op is the only worker-owned cooperative in Athens, one of only a very few in the entire southeast.  If you need any cleaning done for your home or business, check them out.  They use only green cleaning products that they mix themselves and the workers vote on all aspects of the business, like wages, benefits, who their supervisor is, etc.

Social Enterprises are organizations run for the benefit of society.  They can be for-profit or non-profit, cooperative or run by a manager.  EJC supports Unity Cooperative Labor Partners, which is such a organization, because of the living wage jobs it provides people in Athens.  Unity is non-profit and run by a manager.